Goran Gatalica (Croatia)

chilly dawn–
the sentimental movements
of snowflakes

Comment: in this winter haiku the morning quiet is broken by the movement of the snowflakes (seppen 雪片) falling on the ground in lines 2-3. These flakes are emotionally charged, emphasizing the subjectivity of the poet who sees in their fall a certain poetry and romance. It’s as if they were real people, driven by different desires and aspirations and frantically looking for self realization. The dash (–) placed at the end of line 1 marks the transition from an objective dimension (sensed through touch) to an imaginative one, in which the reader’s sight opens up to an invisible order that regulates everything. The alliteration of the ‘s’ sound in the closing ku reinforces this sense of subtlety (hosomi 細身 ) and movement (ugoki 動き).

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