Lakshmi Iyer (India)

last leaf
falling off my
autumn haiku

Comment: a ku that seems to have really come to life, turning into an autumn tree (aki no ki 秋の木) thanks to a meaningful aesthetic immersion of the poet (tanbi 耽美). The regular repetition of the soft sound ‘l’ in lines 1 and 2 reinforces the opening picture, where the leaves keep on falling to the ground until there is only one left. Note the enjambement at the end of the middle line, breaking both the syntax and the observation of the event to reveal the literary and imaginative nature of the scene. Since this haiku was written on a piece of paper, it is also possible to imagine a ‘material’ link between poetry and trees; these are in fact the most important source of cellulose, ie the substance that allows the production of paper at an industrial level, thus raising further and deeper eco-sustainability issues.

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