Alan Summers (England)

autumn deepens
alongside the rickety man…
scudding clouds

Comment: as the author points out in a note, this ku comes from the fact that he recently got awful sciatica, which resulted from a damage or injury to his sciatic nerve, causing very intense pain in the back and a consequent, reduced mobility. The clouds (kumo 雲) in line 3 therefore become a sort of guide during his rehab process, thanks to their regular and straight movement that allowed him to always have a reference during his daily walks. The autumn season (aki 秋), on the other hand, clearly refers to the fact that the poet feels aged and overwhelmed by various kind of aches; it ‘deepens’ (susumu 進む) just like the protagonist’s pain, picturing a situation that is both personal and universal.

6 thoughts on “Alan Summers (England)

    1. Thank you!

      My worst bout of sciatica was when both my wife was away for two weeks on work, and I had an online 24/7 active course that I was running on haiku, senryu, haibun, and tanka! I’d have to be available as much as possible so I’d sleep six hours maximum, and also barely be able to get up or walk around the room. It took a week to be able to walk to a shop for food! 🙂


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