Teiichi Suzuki (Japan)

starlit night
a chrysanthemum doll

Comment: a well-balanced ku presenting an interesting juxtaposition. Chrysanthemum dolls (kiku ningyō 菊人形) are life-size dolls whose garments are made of chrysanthemums leaves and flowers. Their origins date back to the Edo period and they are still crafted and exposed in temple grounds during various performances, dramas and festivals, such as the Nihonmatsu Chrysanthemum Festival and the Gifu Chrysanthemum Dolls and Flower Show. Chrysanthemum (kiku 菊) is an autumn flowering plant, as well as one of the most iconic flower in Japan. In this poem, the poise and stillness of those dolls are enhanced by the flickering light of the stars (hoshi 星) which is reflected on their colorful garments.

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