Praniti Gulyani (India)

butterfly wings…
the weight of a day
on my hand

Comment: a haiku with delicate tones (karumi 軽み) expressing a harmonious and empathic relationship between man and nature. A butterfly (chō 蝶) just landed on the poet’s hand, making him perceive its beautiful colors and shapes, as well as its fragility (sabi-shiori さびしをり) . In fact, the lifespan of a butterfly varies depending on the species, but it does not exceed a few months on average. In some cases, the life cycle of these insects is reduced to just a few hours, making the ‘day’ (hi 日) reported in the second ku even more important and precious. According to these thoughts, the ‘weight’ mentioned in the closing line concerns both a physical (taijū 体重) and a figurative (omomi 重み) dimension, or rather a mutual interpenetration that sees in the present moment a unique opportunity for human and poetic realization.

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