Goran Gatalica (Croatia)

fireflies’ lights—
my mother brings water
to a young refugee

Comment: a ku capable of inscribing human emotions in a pleasant summer night context. The ‘fireflies’ lights’ (hotarubi 蛍火) in the opening line can both represent, in my opinion, the immigrants and refugees who have died at sea or along the way and the hope for a better future, in which social integration and acceptance are not just empty words. The poet’s mother does not seem to spend any word of comfort, but directly shows a true love of neighbor and humanity with her actions. The em dash (—) marking the juxtaposition ideally represents a watershed between thought and action, hope and its realization. Not surprisingly, the ‘water’ (mizu 水) in line 2 is a symbol of life, as well as a precious asset for every individual.

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