Benedetta Cardone (Italy)

summer decay–
flowers are full
of rain song

Comment: a late summer haiku in which the rain (ame 雨) plays a key role; its singing, in fact, breaks the sensory limits, acquiring a ‘physicality’ that the poet skillfully outlines in the last ku. The scent of flowers (hana no nioi 花の匂い) is covered by the smell of rain, while their corolla no longer welcomes insects and bees. This sense of uniformity, though poetically pleasing in the second part of the haiku, contrasts with the usual vitality of the summer period, leading the author to define it as ‘decaying’ (kusare 腐れ). The dash (–) placed at the end of line 1 marks a clear and decisive halt which perfectly harmonizes with the overall poetic vision, emphasizing both the fragile beauty (shiori しをり) of the closing scene and the poet’s broken expectations. The consonant ‘s’ reproduces the sound of falling rain, while the repetition of the consonants ‘f’ and ‘l’ gives a sense of abundance and saturation.

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