Agus Maulana Sunjaya (Indonesia)

setting sun
in father’s diary
a dry poppy

Comment: A haiku with rough and almost ‘crepuscular’ tones focused on the inexorable passage of time and the comforting memories. The pressed flowers (oshibana 押し花) in line 3 bring the reader back to a past time, in which the poet’s father used to journal about his own life experiences. The fact that all this belongs to a distant past is witnessed both by the ‘setting sun’ (yūhi 夕日) in the opening line and by the dryness (kōko 考古) of the (now completely dehydrated) poppy in the closing one. Please note the lack of any cutting mark (kireji 切れ字) to indicate the juxtaposition, that could therefore become quite flexible, either placing the turning point at the end of line 1 or 2, thus changing the reading and the interpretation of the text. Also, note the alliteration of the ‘y’ sound in lines 2 and 3 which feeds a sense of revelation and surprise.

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