Rosa Maria Di Salvatore (Italy)

love words
to be spoken…

Comment: an ‘open’ and evocative poem consisting of 9 syllables only. The unspoken words in the opening ku create a timeless sense of depth ( 幽) and expectation (kitai 期待), leaving the reader on the edge of a revelation that relies on his/her own imagination, just like an open-ended novel. The sunflowers (himawari 向日葵) in line 3 are the key element that brings the spectator back to reality; their warm and bright colors, in fact, suggest the possible crowning of the author’s love, sweeping away the shadows of hesitation on a hot summer day. Note the ellipsis (ie the kireji 切れ字) at the end of line 2, which amplifies the pathos that comes from this waiting (and that look like three small sunflower seeds ready to be planted).

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