Pawel Markiewicz (Poland)

a lonely goose
has joined the sparrows
bird melancholy

Comment: a haiku focused on a well-defined wabi 侘, in which the wild goose (nogan 野雁) in the opening line, while joining a flock of sparrows (suzume 雀), still perceives a sense of loneliness and unfamiliarity. In fact, it is aware of its own diversity and uniqueness, making us reflect on the complex mechanics of integration and mutual understanding. What happened to the other geese? Why did that creature decide to join the migration route of those birds? We can speculate that happened because of an inner, instinctive desire to belong to a group. Anyway, this overall sense of melancholy also affects the poet and the reader, who both look at the scene with mixed feelings of awe and sadness, asking themselves the same, unanswered questions.

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