Francesco Palladino (Italy)

in a word
the origin of the world…

Comment: a poem that reveals an original, naturocentric cosmogony. In the language of flowers, in fact, the orchid (ran 蘭) –a plant that adapts to almost every kind of habitat– symbolizes harmony and balance, ie a peaceful connection (ἁρμονία) between living beings and environment.
Note the assonance between ‘word’ and ‘world’ –placed at the end of line 1 and 2 respectively– which suggests an almost esoteric, adaptative power of the first one, and the ellipsis serving as a cutting mark (kireji 切れ字), that seems to go after this transformation.

One thought on “Francesco Palladino (Italy)

  1. Dear Luca, Your appreciation is the most I could expect. He traveled anonymously for about a week, almost certainly misunderstood. It took your sensitivity to highlight its value with an analysis that does it justice for both the content and the form. Thank you so much.


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