Eva Ermenz (Sweden)

nursing her child
the mother takes a bite
of a peach

Comment: A warm, maternal scene that reminds me somehow of another well-known haiku by Kobayashi Issa (1763-1828): shibui toko haha ga kuikeri yama no kaki 渋いとこ母が喰いけり山の柿 (a mother bites/ the sourest parts/ mountain persimmons). In this case, however, the poet shows us a different perspective from everyday life, in which the mother, while taking care of her child (note the similarity between the breastfed baby and the woman who bites a peach), seems to be hungry as well, taking advantage of the moment to have a snack. This is a poem characterized by a deep sense of unity. Also note the sharp, brief sound of the word ‘bite’ at the end of line 2, which indicates a neat and firm thrust in the pulp of the fruit.

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