Vincenzo Adamo (Italy)

rose garden in bloom–
the spider repairs
a broken window

Comment: a haiku involving both sight and smell in a peaceful and ‘bucolic’ environment. The juxtaposition (toriawase 取り合わせ) between the first and the second ku marks the transition from a wide and open scenery (the blooming rose garden or bara-en 薔薇園) to a more circumscribed one, in which the spiderweb (kumo no su 蜘蛛の巣) veils the view from both sides. The doubled ‘o’ vowel in ‘bloom’ (linked to the ‘o’ sound in ‘rose’) gives softness and extension to the first line, while the alliteration of the ‘r’ consonant emphasizes the harshness of the spider’s work in the second part (spider that is almost ‘humanized’ in this poem) to finally fade into the ‘w’ semi-vowel in ‘window’.

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