Alan Summers (England)

the last snow…
each and every goodbye
falls differently

Comment: a piece of work endowed with a deep sense of humanity (ninjō 人情), where each falling snowflake represents a parting. The ‘s’ sound in the first line induces a subtle (hosoi 細い) and roughly sketched suggestion in the reader’s mind; it is then prolonged by the ellipsis, which serves both as a cut (kire 切れ) and trait d’union for the two parts of the poem. Finally, this haiku is also characterised by a sense of fragility (shiori しをり) and sensitivity (aware 哀れ).

2 thoughts on “Alan Summers (England)

  1. As well as the observations already made, the scene presented by Alan in line one also briught to mind how no two snowflakes are alike – just like all our partings and goodbyes.

    A beautiful, delicate and touching poem.


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    1. Thank you! Exactly! As no two snowflakes are alike, our various goodbyes, sweet, poignant, bitter, promising, and eve devastating, are never the same.

      warm regards,

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